What makes a winner?

Your Journey Isn't Just About Weight Loss...
Learn from five of JP's clients on 
how they overcame adversity and broke through to their next level.

John Pierre presents
The Biggest Winners

A 7-Week Recorded Zoom Experience 
Learn From His Winning Clients To Help You 
Move On To YOUR Next Level!

7 Amazing Speakers

Loving Yourself Unlocks The Beauty Within

Learn from Teresa who has lost 135 lbs and is off medications after 20+ years. By working with JP she learned to reverse years of negative self-talk and focus on how to treat herself with love and care.

Major Medical Can Be Overcome

Learn from Paula as she shares the amazing healing and transformation she has overcome. Multiple strokes, surgeries, medications, in a wheelchair... wait until you see her now. With JP's help she has her life back.

Movement Matters - No Excuses

Learn from Shayda as she describes overcoming injuries and not giving in to excuses. By working with JP she learned laser beam focus and a new found delight in healthy eating.

Age Is Just A Number, It's Not Too Late

Learn from Laura who started her WFPB journey at age 70. Now at age 73, she has lost 100 lbs and enjoys a full active life. Working with JP has taught her to have a calm, stable brain without daily cravings.

Finding Your Inner Motivation

Learn from Maureen as she shares her journey of transitioning for her family. JP helped her to find the motivation and inner peace to overcome obstacles, release 150 lbs, get off 9 medications and become a yoga instructor.

  • 7 Week Zoom Series - engage live in the weekly topic  ($750 Value)
  • ​Access to Our Private Facebook Group - communication with John Pierre throughout the month to answer your questions and connect with others ($290 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Session Replays ($97 Value)
Total Value: $1137
Now Only $49
PLUS... Add The Special Private Consult BONUS 
(details below)
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Here's What Others Have To Say About Their Time With John Pierre

"John Pierre's help and guidance has gotten me, in less than two years, from obese to a healthy weight.  He has introduced me to many kinds of fitness training, nutritional fine tuning and other ideas that led to balance in my life. I am 73 years old, and have never felt better in my life!  I have been plant based for 25 years,  but only was successful in making these positive changes  after I started working with John!"    - Laura 

"He is able to work with all kinds of clients and has the ability to "read" people with this special gift that he has been blessed with."  - Mary 

"What I learned from John Pierre are lessons that will always carry with me for the rest of my life! I finally have my health and life back, couldn't have done it without him.  He taught me to love myself, because if I love myself  I won't hurt myself! John Pierre's coaching style  is so different than other coaches,  with him it's not about the weight loss but regaining your health!"  - Shayda

" John Pierre's whole personality and being is one of kindness and compassion. Just being around him you can't help but feel calm and comforted."  - Stacy 

Questions?  You can reach our team at pohwretreat@gmail.com
Biggest Winners FAQs
When does the Biggest Winners start?
You will receive an email with all five sessions of JP's recently recorded teachings. Each session is about one hour and additional information and Q&A are available in the Facebook group.
Is there a small group community as well?
YES! There is a private Facebook group just for those attending the Biggest Winners event. This is an opportunity to share and learn with others participants. John Pierre will also be active in the group, answering questions throughout the month.
Will replays be available if I cannot join the LIVE session?
Absolutely!  Every video call will be recorded and emailed to you to in case you are unable to attend or would like to re-watch the lesson.
Does John Pierre do individual coaching?
John Pierre loves to do one-on-one private consults, you can find out more at johnpierrewellness.com/coaching
How do I reach you with additional questions?
You can reach our team at pohwretreat@gmail.com - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
30 Minute Private Consult Bonus!!
For only $30 more, you can add on a 30-minute private consult  
with John Pierre's colleague, Crystal a mental health professional and mindfulness mentor. ($97 Value)
Crystal has a variety of tools, tips and tricks that she uses to help clients on a regular basis. She has found that rewiring the brain with methods like mindfulness, meditation and various other modalities provided the most relief/healing for her clients. During your session she will help you identify the tools that will make the biggest difference in your life to help with what you want to work on the most.

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